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2Wonder specializes in providing one-on-one employment support and transitional services to our military and first-responder veterans and their families.  2Wonder also engages with our strategic and community partners to provide best-in-class professional services focused on an overarching purpose of outwardly serving our client and community partners through our faith...for the Glory of God!


Veteran Services

Mission Statement

Provide veterans and their families the opportunity to embrace career change…because to Change is 2Wonder.


Build a relationship-focused organization that provides military and first-responder veterans and their families best-in-class support services throughout every aspect of their life changing experience.

The military and first-responder community are a proud, loyal, and tight-knit group. Putting on the uniform is the culmination of a life-long dream for many of us and is a continuous source of pride while we have the privilege of wearing it. When our service is at an end, the prospect of taking off the uniform for the last time can be daunting. 

2Wonder will provide our military and first-responder veterans and their families the tools to embrace this change for what it really is…a chance 2Wonder how once again, they can work to make the world around them a better place!    

2Wonder knows that our veterans can be a significant force of positive and sustainable change in the right organization and We will offer the following FREE services to our veteran military and first-responder community:

  • Resume building

  • Career interview skills

  • Personal and Professional Transitional Skills

  • Life Coaching and Family Support Services

  • Entrepreneurial/Start-Up Services

  • Strategic-Thinking

  • Tactical Awareness

  • Philanthropy and Citizenship

2Wonder believes that when We strategically partner with organizations that have the same passion for what our veterans bring to the table, while simultaneously providing our veterans clear and concise roles and responsibilities and transitional skills training, We can improve our industries, We can strengthen our communities, and We can change the world…because to change is 2Wonder!


Partners for Positive Change

2Wonder works to strengthen our clients and our communities we serve through our faith...for the Glory of God! 

2Wonder strategically partners with organizations WHO share our passion for outwardly serving others and WHO are passionate about supporting vetted military and first-responder 501c(3) non-profit organizations to ensure that these organizations receive the financial resources that they need to best support our veterans and their families.


Proud to Support


Client & Community Partners

Finding a New Purpose and Career for Our Veterans

Almost every organization out there wants to be able to say that they support veterans and their families.  It is simply a marketing tool for some, but many organizations genuinely do want to hire veterans for the skill sets they possess and to partner with the people who have served and sacrificed for our country.  2Wonder will utilize our strategic partnering expertise to locate these organizations and offer them two (2) service level options to meet their specific needs.

Regardless of the service level desired, 2Wonder will provide quality veteran candidates at a more cost-effective price point that will most importantly also benefit the veteran 501c(3) non-profit organization community.

“Sustainable Growth” Strategic Partnership Service Plan


2Wonder will seek out client partners who are looking to strategically grow their business(es) and will be offered a sustainable growth strategic partnership service plan based on their hiring needs. 

This plan will be offered in a 1-3-5 year sustainable growth partnership agreement offering 2Wonder’s full-range of professional services with an overarching purpose of strengthening our veteran family unit, our strategic client partners, and the communities being served. 

Pricing will be determined on an individual client partner basis and will depend on the desired 2Wonder scopes of services.  A percentage of this service plan fee (25% due to sustainable growth pricing model) will be paid by our client partners directly to one or more veteran military and/or first-responder 501c(3) non-profit organization(s). 

Strategic Partnership Service Plan

2Wonder will seek out client partners who are looking to hire veteran candidates for individual staff openings on a flat rate format.  2Wonder will utilize our networking resources to locate and strategically place veteran candidates with our client partners via the following fee structure (fees paid by client partners): 

•      6% to initiate the search for veteran candidates

•      6% when a veteran candidate is hired

•      An additional 6% to a veteran non-profit decided upon between client partner and veteran candidate.


Client Partners

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2Wonder's Leadership Team is...

Passionate about the industries and communities...We serve.

2Wonder's leadership team includes James M. Burnup, USAF, Retired, Director of Veteran Services, David A. Swies, Director of Operations, and Jeff Young, Director of Strategic Initiatives.

2Wonder's leadership is passionate about our industries and communities we serve. As servant leaders, we actively listen to our client and community partners to best understand HOW 2Wonder can proactively develop, implement, and execute custom-tailored solutions that allow our client and community partners to thrive.

2Wonder achieves best-in-class results by maintaining transparent and consistent communication with our client and community partners. This basic yet critical skillset allows for immediate buy-in and mutual accountability and ownership amongst each stakeholder. 2Wonder's ability to take on every industry and community challenge with proactive vigor breeds solution-minded opportunities at every turn. Healthy conflict resolution encourages each stakeholder to get outside their comfort zone(s) and embrace the cultural change that organically occurs within their own organization. Allow 2Wonder to take your organization to the next level. 

2Wonder collaborates with our client and community partners early and often to establish sustainable long-term personal and professional relationships.  

2Wonder provides best-in-class professional services focused on an overarching purpose of outwardly serving our client and community partners through our faith.

It is because of our faith that we give all Glory to God, for He blesses us with the ability 2Wonder...because To Change is 2Wonder!


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